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Just get a Hasselblad with the standard 80mm and don't nitpick about all the square vs. rectangular stuff, and all that other. Treat the Hasselblad like a box camera or an old Speed Graphic. Remember, the astronauts on the moon had NOTHING in the way of viewfinders. In essence they were carrying motorized box cameras. Do whatever re-composition in the darkroom. The Hasselblad's best feature is its small size. Other than that, the other cameras have the edge-to-edge composition features you seem to want.
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In my humbug opinion you should buy a Hassie and stop worrying about the "perfect" camera. A camera is a tool. Would you get your undies in an twist about having the "perfect" monkey wrench? Or would you buy every monkey wrench made? When I photographed Elvis and the Beatles, Cary Grant and Lucille Ball did I have the "perfect" camera? I have one shot of the Beatles taken with a Nikon F and a cheap preset Spiratone 105mm f2.8 lens but it is good enough to be hanging in art museums, blown up big. it's the 'eye" that counts, not the box.
I agree and will not nitpick about the square vs regular stuff. I think that I will just embrace the square and the Hasselblad for what it is. It has worked well for many many photographers out there.

I'm going to start longer than 80mm though, lol. The reason being that my Flex's are normal and I'm beginning to feel the limitation. I will add a normal lens (60mm-100mm) after the initial investment.