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I also agree that "cropping" is not a sin. I like my black boarders for some work, but it's not some weird taboo to crop things to a rectangle,
No the back doesn't rotate, so you will be stuck horizontal unless you get a 90' prism... 45' prism and WL finder are no fun to use in "vertical" arrangement.
I'm not against cropping, I just don't do it. I know many photographers do it and they have to for some publishing and I do not look down upon them. I just really like composing and printing full-frame. It is what I'm used to.

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Buying a Hasselblad to shoot non-square images makes about as much sense as buying a Porsche 911 with an automatic transmission.

If you want rectangular, just buy a Mamiya.
Well I said that I sometimes like rectangle. I'm not getting a Hblad just to all shoot non-square images. I'm simply exploring this possibility. But even then, I figured many people shoot non-square images but they crop. The reason for me to get a 645 back is to avoid cropping.

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the waist level image is not upside down, just left to right reversed.
Thanks, I knew that. I mean that it would be upside down when I want an eye-level perspective.