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Gary Winogrand had a huge delay between exposing a roll of film and looking at the contact sheet. I think the delay was something like at least three months or so. Anyways, IIRC, he said that he did it to look at the images objectively, that he wouldn't be tied to what he thought they would be, because he couldn't remember them. The images became something that had been done by someone else.

Batwister, perhaps you need to do the same thing. Shove the return from the lab in a drawer for at least six months, and then you won't feel attached to it. I started off with a Pentax 6x7 myself, so I know what that camera is like. You might try removing the viewfinder, and just cup your hands around the glass to see the whole frame.

this is a great suggestion ..

i have found negative-frames that i overlooked from years gone by and they were so much better than
anything that i had thought was good off the roll. what was "good" off the roll was OK but sometimes losing the
wishful thinking and stress of hoping something "came out" really helps ..