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mrred. It seems that D76 is out for me. I've heard of people using Dektol. Nice to see you documenting and sharing your method on your blog. Have you got any samples?
I use Dektol because it is the strongest and does not require additives to get the job done. Excepting a little hypo.

Some samples can be found at http://www.flickr.com/photos/peterbc...7629496128586/ . This was a test to compare ORWO UN54 with Foma 100. Foma 100 does not require any hypo and is just about the perfect starter reversal film. All the shots in my gallery (at this moment) are reversals.

Note that scans do not do reversals much justice. Projected, or at least through a viewer is my prefered way to view them. In my opinion it is the most perfect way to shoot film. You cannot get any greater detail. However the scans are still higher quality than negitive scans.

The shot of the train station deck was done on my last roll of Neopan 400 120. It is a truly beutiful 6x9 reversal. I had printed 13x19 and hung on my wall. It can go much bigger.

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Dektol uses sodium sulfite so I guess should be fine with a permanganate bleach.
One does not have anything to do with the other. They are seperate steps.