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I've upended my photographic concerns so much, that I've almost had to start again from the ground up.
This reminds me of Tiger Woods. He was constantly changing his swing and he paid for it.

There was a thread in one of these forums, maybe even here, about using a, non-film is it now, camera to learn or in your case re-learn composition/lighting etc.. You need a little immediate feedback. But wait at least 2 or three days more and look at the pictures again. This ought to tell if it's you and any grandiose dreams your thinking up about how good they actually were. The thing is we all take crappy pictures and I'm sure we all wonder what we were thinking. I've done it a million times, ok not a million, but a hell of alot. I'm at least a few thousand towards my 10,000 bad images as noted by Saint Ansel.