Thank you for the thought on that anyway Lee.

Well, many a slip between cup and… I made all my exposures, wrote down the info and went to mix my developer only to find I had just half as much as I needed!!!!!!!!! I left the film in the developer can, hoping that doesn’t ruin anything and early tomorrow I will buy new developer and have the film tested.

We have condenser enlargers. My amateurish preference would be to print on grade 2 paper but am very curious as to the advantages of printing on grade 3. Grade three it would seem to my ‘newbie’ thinking would print fewer tones than 2 if I am making myself clear.

&lt;<If you want to experiment a bit, shoot your test rolls with a few shots at Zone VIII at the beginning to be sure you've got your Zone VIII test, then shoot the rest of the roll in sequence from zone 0 to zone X or more, and then you can read each frame with a densitometer and plot the characteristic curve for the film for each development time you try and see how development time changes contrast throughout the curve.>&gt;

&lt;Grin&gt; you know these posts have been a whole education in and of themselves! I think that a zone 0 to X test would be a good idea and I can see that each frame can be read with a densitometer but upon what would I plot the test result numbers? And are you suggesting that when I change development times that I run the test again each time? Wouldn’t my ‘eye’ evaluating a finished print be a better judge of what I want than a graph?