Hello friends,

Tonight, I witnessed one amazing Leica kit that has been in my friend's family for decades. He's really not a photographer, but wants to see if he can use the equipment, minimally at least.

I do apologize for not being able to remember all the details. I'm posting this list from memory and can't think of the various descriptor names.

He has:

Leica iii f/g (I'm not really sure which, but both manuals were present.)

28mm f/5.6
35mm f/3.5
50mm f/2
85mm f/4
135mm f/4

All lenses were of the same vintage as the camera body and each lens had the silver-colored finish.

He also had various view finder attachments and other items.

So, the question is: How how difficult would this kit be to use, practically?

To whom would you send something like this for CLA?

And, how much might the whole kit be worth?

I'm not a Leica expert, but it was a beautiful sight and I did tell him that he had something that was very valuable.

What do you think?