it wouldn't be hard to use at all -- loading screw mount leicas takes a bit of practice -- 5 minutes -- and you have to know how to trim the film leader so the tongue us about 4 inches long -- 10 seconds with scissors -- but other than that it's pretty normal -- if you have the manuals, match the camera to the manual and read it all the way through. practice loading with a roll of film and go take pictures.

value depends on condition -- a IIIf in good user condition is around $400 and maybe more if it has a self-timer, a IIIG is about $800. The lenses you list depend on maker and condition -- hazing and so forth, but in good usable condition several hundred dollars each, easy, probably more.

quite a nice kit. so, in good user condition, not mint, not badly worn, a coupla thousand dollars for the whole mess.