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you are wrong. It varies greatly depending on condition and model -- a good quality user M3 is around $700 or so, as is an M2, these are for cameras that would rate an exc-minus or BGN from KEH. An M4 is a bit more. The older screw mount leicas are less because they are older technology and not considered as usable-- the viewfinder is smaller, the separate rangefinder and lack of frame lines are a pain, whereas an M3 and an M7 are pretty much identical, usability-wise -- so screw mount leicas cost less. The IIIg is the exception because it is short production and has technological advances -- bright frames, integrated rangefinder -- that make it more usable from the modern shooter's point of view.

but a user IIIF -- $300 to $400. In really cherry condition a IIIf-red dial, self timer, is around $800 on a good day.

mint condition M2 or M3 -- and i mean, really mint, no scratches and leica collectors go over them with a magnifying glass -- command the sort of prices you mentioned.


Sherry at golden touch hates doing screw mount leicas, DAG is backed up until who knows when. I had an excellent job on mine done by Essex in new jersey.

charlie trentelman
Oh I see, I always thought all the Leica mounts were the same. So all the M mounts are same?

Cool good info, I'll probably never own one, (because I tend not to spend more than $200 on film cameras (with the exception of my Mamiya 7) so I doubt I'll ever own one.

Is there a way to indicate a Rangefinder that just has frame lines from a rangefinder that actually finds the range? As in, my Zeiss Ikon Contina Matic II has a viewfinder with frame lines but you have to eyeball distance, where my Mamiya 7 has a finder with parallax measurement.

Is there an indicator for this? If I ever got a Leica I would want one with a parallax measurement thing.


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