Hola amigos! I need that you show all your knowledge and experience about the Yashica FX-3 Super 2000 that everyone knows made by Cosina (unfortunately!!!)-
I would like that someone explaine me why in all yashica Fx-3 super 2000 that I owned sooner or later, the lever that we use to snap (I'm sorry but I don't know the tecnical name of this part!)breaks:moving the lever you can feel it super loose and it does not move any gear inside camera!...I don't speak well English so I can't explain very well the problem...but I hope your experience and your insigh help you more than my complicated words!...
A friend of mine had the same problem with the same yashica!!!
I need this body(that I don't love particulary)only in order to use some precious Zeiss glasses!
But then another strange thing happened some days ago:moving and moving again,pitching up and down with the force (I thought the camera was broken completely so any respect for this camera!) ... suddenly lever has returned to work well ... but I don't know if i can trust it or not ... I wrote explaining the problem in an italian forum (photo4u) , a guy told me this was a typical problem of FX-3: some little teeth of this lever breaks and the camera stops working.I repeat: it is very rare that now it works again.I don't know if trust it continuing to use it normally.Because they say that it is a congenital problem (so it's a thing that happened to many people, I was hoping that someone would give me some advice: how repair it and what should I expect (Does itl break again?)....

The weirdest thing is that this camera stops working alone and then alone and magically it returns to the life working perfectly!!!

Please...do you help me!