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Dektol is a paper developer which has no concern for image quality. D75 and other film developers are designed for film quality Oh dear, I guess you younger guys do not distinguish between film and paper developers.

Photo Engineer. Thank-you for your previous comment about D94a. You confirmed the growing opinion that D76 would make no substitute for D94a despite a claim I read elsewhere that said it could.

With regards Dektol and the use of paper developers for film reversal developing amongst the younger generation. Look at The Darkroom Cookbook and the 2003 Ilford Application Sheet on reversal processing.

The Darkroom Cookbook which was first published in 1994 by Focal, so not exactly a baby on the subject. In the section on reversal processing in the 3rd ed. it states that 'The first stage is known as primary development. In this stage, the exposed film is developed using an energetic developer to ensure that every exposed grain in the emulsion is developed.'. An energetic developer. I believe that paper developers fit that bill.

Then in the 2003 Ilford Application Sheet on Reversal Processing it suggests using either Ilford Bromophen 1+1 or Ilford PQ Universal at 1+5. Ilford Bromophen is a paper developer and Ilford PQ Universal is a paper and film developer.

Also, the first time I reverse processed Super 8 Tri-X was in the 80s. The Tetenal Kit I used specified the use of paper developer.

If you have used other (film) developers for b&w reversal processing (especially Tri-X), I'd love to hear about them and how they worked out!