Thank you for taking the time to answer my requests. I'll try to respond as I can.

First, I may have been mistaken as to the numbers on the 85mm lens. I was posting from memory. I am sure, though that the lenses were all Leica brand lenses.

Second, I remember seeing bright frame lines when looking through the viewfinder, so that would indicate a IIIG, no? The separate rangefinder viewing window did make the experience a little slower than what I imagine is the experience of most M mount users.

Third, there was a self-timer built into the unit, though I did not try to activate it. I don't remember what color the dial was.

I will say this, the whole kit is pretty clean for being 60 years old. I did not see any fungus in the lenses and all of the old bulky plastic containers were intact.

In any case, it sounds like my friend has a nice usable setup which, after a good CLA, would be quite usable with some practice. I regret that the kit is not worth as much as he had hoped, but value is not always a monetary measurement. I also regret that I did not try to run any film through the body.

Thanks again for all the information!