I just received a shock about the increase of the price of Kodak film. And quite a shock at that. One roll :http://www.amazon.ca/Kodak-Professio...1&sr=8-1-fkmr1
Heres the price on a 24 exposure roll:http://www.amazon.ca/Kodak-Tri-X-400...0288817&sr=1-2
Been checking different ones and another product: http://www.amazon.ca/Tmz-3200-Tmax-E...293509&sr=1-13
The three pricing examples above, were all being shipped by the same 'expensive' company.
Just because you are on Amazon, you need to check and see which company is actually filling the order.
Ships from and sold by standbyon.
For the folks in the 'Great White North,' here's just one example of reasonable film pricing.
What big Canadian photography on-line store? As far as I know none exist.
Henry's Camera and Photo...several Canadian locations & online: