Dave - glad the film bug still has a firm hold on you. I hope your venture is a success. I can understand your love for chromes.

I crossed paths with you out at one of Rob S's townhouse get togethers in Burlington a few years back when you were sharing around the 120 format 3d slides you create. They were eye poppingly amazing.

I just finished filing my film into indexed binders for 2012 this past week, and I think I shot more chromes (mostly 35mm though) than anything else last year.

The last two years we have flown to the US for vacations, and the weight and hassle of MF and LF with airline screening was not judged worth it.
Hopefully this year I can get to some of my 120 and 4x5 stashes.

When my backlog of e-6 chemistry and constituent dry ingredients run out, I will likely be turning to you