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I've gone through a great shift with my photography over the last year, with my subjective concerns (from the natural landscape to public spaces) and significantly in terms of my aesthetic sensibilities. I have a problem keeping productive and to an extent, forget that actually learning to work (or see) in a new way requires some consistency. I've upended my photographic concerns so much, that I've almost had to start again from the ground up.
I've gone through a transformation in how I shoot too. For the longest time I shot mostly landscapes of water, woods, and urban scenes. Portraits too, a few figure studies, and odds and ends. Mostly medium format and some sheet film, but very little 35mm.
Getting a Leitz enlarger I started being very interested in 35mm, and impressed with how good the quality of my prints were, I started shooting more 35mm. Then I got a Leica camera, and I felt like I wanted to explore other types of photography, like candids, street photography, and so on. I will do more of that, but I've had to reconnect with my past again in order to get back to a balanced approach of what I want to photograph, and this adjustment period has meant a lot of inconsistent output, which has confused me a lot. But gradually, by just sticking with it and practicing a lot, I have come to terms with how to align my expectations. So I'm becoming much happier with the results as the pieces are starting to fall back into place. It took a while. More than a year.