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the 2.8cm maybe worth what all the rest combined? You might alert them as to cleaning the glass, be very careful the coatings/glass is very soft.
A 28mm /5.6 is a collector if in nice condition worth more than the rest of the kit. Put it behind i.e. in a glass case

Dont think about cleaning the glass, whatever any one else says, dont clean the glass.

Dont bother with a CLA, some old cameras work ok without one, trim a commercial cassette film to the leader in the user hand book and follow the handbook instructions, dont use a credit card or visiting card or remove the lens, the user manual does not say not to be silly billy, it says how to do it. The proper leader should work every time, all leaders were correct from 1935 to 1970, then they changes cause no one was using Leicas any more, cept me.

The shutter ribbon may snap or the blinds may leak light in which case you need maintenance, otherwise Leicas can go on for ever...