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You can imagine the downer then when I actually see them and they aren't anything like I imagined.
As for the photography: When this happens, do you know WHY the actual pictures don't look like what you imagined? Is it composition? Exposure? Something else? Without some idea of what is going wrong, you cannot make corrections and we cannot advise you. Sorry.

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This rollercoaster of emotions is becoming a little too much, perhaps even having an affect on my mental health. I haven't made a single picture I've been happy with for over a year and I can't stop beating myself up about it. Has anyone else had such a long span of fruitless results? I'm incredibly hard on myself with photography, but it's getting a bit silly. I've forgotten how to just enjoy it, it's like my life depends on every image I make.
As for the mental health issues: It's probably better if this forum does not advise you on this. However, (since you asked) if photography is not only not enjoyable, but causes you anguish, quit doing it. It's not worth it.

Others have jokingly suggested a digital camera, but I would seriously suggest one, if you really want to pursue photography. However, to my first point: if after taking a picture and getting the instant feedback, you still don't know what to change, it won't help your problem.