maybe you have read what i have to say about sumatranol
maybe you have seen the recipe in the caffenol cookbook
maybe you have seen my work in the apug gallery or other places ...

i sell the beans used to make my caffenol developer.

6$ / lb "photographer's roast" i just roasted it.
shipping is extra ...

how do you make the developer ?
its pretty easy ..
brew a pot of coffee with these beans
then let it cool
add your sodium carbonate ( washing soda ) ( maybe 4oz? )
add your vit. c ( mabye 2 oz ? )

if you have any spent print developer stick that in too ( a "splash" )
its all good ....

i don't usually measure my washing soda or vit c ...
i make 1L at a time ... a LB of coffee is about 750cc x 4 of coffee developer ... ( 10 cups = 11 scoops = 22 tablespoons )

re-use over and over and over again and get great results ... no replenishment needed...
( i am using a batch made in november for prints and film ... ( same batch )