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Yes, speed dial to X - must be a broken connection inside. The sync speed is only 1/50 anyway, so probably not much use for fill flash outdoors; and I can use hot lights inside; but it is a shame.

I'm glad to hear from a satisfied user - I was a bit nervous to acquire it, having hear about problems with gears on this model - but it seems otherwise in flawless working condition.
I assume this goes without saying, but did you test the same setup of cable + flash on a camera with a known working PC port, immediately before trying it on the Bronica? (Just to isolate variables for sure.) I have an old S2 (non-A) which when wired up with a nodescript Kalt PC cable and a 1980s Canon flash, does flash. I've not tested this with film yet (to ensure the timing is right etc.) as I've only recently obtained the cable. (I'm an available light guy.)