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Just a pet peeve of mine and I gotta let it out. I have spent time with Tim Rudman and the lith prints he produces are outstanding. Most if not all of the images he lith's would also make excellent non-lith'd prints. However I see so many images in the APUG gallery that are either generally crappy compositions, pedestrian subject matter, and/or poorly exposed but magically once they have been lith'd somehow they become "art". To me 90% of what I have seen in the galleries that has been lith'd is the analog of an "Instragram" image. Some how the special effect is suppose to transform these images into something outstanding.
Don't forget "special effects" are what make most prints "art".

Think about it. Whether analog or digital, if you look only at the subject matter and disregard all the "special" treatments how many are really all that "good".

It's the tarting up that make most "arty" prints arty.