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Ken sometimes you are such a exuberant train wreck spectator that one begins to wonder if you are registered under other names on this site.
Nah. One Ellis Island name is more than enough. And no one can accuse me of hiding behind it by using it. It is what it is. Google it and every single hit you see is a relative of mine...

As always, I do have some strong opinions. But the difference between me and most here is that I admit right up front that I'm not an artist. Nor do I attempt to play one on TV. Nor online. So any opinions on this topic I might voice are doomed to be classified as either ignorant at best, or stupid at worst, by those who are true artists (very few) or fancy themselves as such (too many to count?).

I'm just a lowly software engineer who paused for a moment while debugging a memory leak to read Eric's thread.

Best to just bookmark this one and enjoy the ride...