Oh my, this thread brought back some memories. As some of you have mentioned working at Altman camera, I did as well during 1971 and into 1972. I was also embroiled in the union action and my name is even mentioned in the ruling mainly due to being illegally pressured to rat out people which I never did. Nevertheless, it was an amazing camera store and I was working there to support my habit which at the time was 35mm photography. However, the wages were meager and raises even less so. I remember Ralph calling me into his office and telling me what a great job I was doing and as a reward he was giving me a 20 cents an hour raise. And, that was after sending me out for a lie detector test which I guess I must have passed. Iím sharing this so as others could understand how a union could get its foot in the door. At any rate, I never did care one way or another because I enjoyed my job selling movie equipment on the second floor. Arriflex or Bolex anyone? I also made some wonderful friends who have been lost to the years that have passed. I left before the store closed but recall being deposed over the union issue. I believe that they must have won because true to his word Altman shut it down.