I don't know if you've heard back from Mark Hansen and sent the camera in, but if not (so you're still in decision mode), I'd say +1 for him as well. I had a really problematic Compur shutter (on a 75-year-old Bessa) on which he got the timed speeds to purr nicely. (He could not get B & T working, but I don't care much; setting the thing up on a tripod kind of defeats the purpose of a pocketable folder.)

Normally I would've highly recommended for you to continue with Essex; word I've read over on photo.net is that tragically their business was wiped out by Hurricane Sandy. This is a huge loss to them and their staff who are without their livelihood (to state the obvious, front-line loss) and of course a huge loss to those of us camera nuts who counted on them (to state the selfish view).