I never let such stuff touch the skin. Nitrile gloves are always handy. And I don't use enough of it to
worry about the fume hood; but one is just a few feet away if needed. Old-school film cleaners are another subject. Movie film cleaner was basically just 1:1:1 tricholorethane. It was nontoxic, but was
heavier than oxygen and was originally developed as an anesthetic. Janitors would use it to mop grime
and chewing gum off vinyl floors, get woozy, and then die from asphyxiation while they were unconscious lying on the floor. It was added as a non-smog-forming solvent in house stains and painters would get woozy and fall off ladders. It's now totally banned - not for that reason but because actual mfg produced dioxins as a byproduct. Going still futher back, carbon tetrachloride was involved - now known to be pretty nasty. Read the MSDS and use common sense. Better safe than sorry.