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So I've now processed 4 rolls of B&W film (3 HP5, 1 FP4). The three previous turned out fine. This last roll, which I developed myself yesterday, has been a real PITA.

I've had some issues with the previous rolls with water marks, but nothing to the degree from this last roll. It seems like blobs of water just dry right on the film. I usually just re-rinse and everything's a-ok. This roll kept re-drying with marks all over again. Needless to say, it's been very frustrating.

So I figured out that it may be due to the water being very hard and the chemicals in the water leaving a residue. So, I've tried some distilled water instead. The blobs are mostly gone, but I've noticed another issue when scanning and I can see it on the negatives too. It looks like a permanent water mark or some sort of damage. I admit I wasn't looking to closely at the time, but when I first released the film from the spiral, I didn't notice such marks. It must have been from subsequent re-rinses. Are the negs screwed or is there any way to fix it? Should I re-soak in Ilfotol wetting agent? Perhaps more importantly, is there a way to avoid this in the future?

Full disclosure: on some of the re-rinses, I didn't use a squeegee and in lieu of that, sometimes I just wiped excess water with my fingers (rubber gloves on).

Pardon the flatness, occasional dust, here are some scans that I just did within the past half hour exemplifying what I'm talking about. I know they're not all award winning photos .

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This one is really obvious and bad:
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Edit: I should also add these two possible causes. I was a bit reckless in hindsight with the roll. First, I thought the strips were dried, but didn't look close enough on a few and tried sliding them in PrintFiles, which didn't really work and made the negatives sorta stick and made it difficult to take out.

Because I was re-rinsing them after I had already cut them, I had to rehang them on clips side by side. I tried to ensure they wouldn't touch each other, but sometimes they did.
I'm thinking that the really wierd, scaly sorts of effects may very well be due to trying to insert damp negatives into Printfile sheets.

The rest of the problems - most likely due to "hard" water and drying in the sort of dry, potentially dusty air that is much more common in January in Alberta then what we have here on the wet coast.