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I'll tell you what--all my life I had all these different cameras. And everytime I was out shooting, I'd bang my head against the wall over whether to turn the camera this way or that way. Once I bought a nice RB67 outfit and then I had to struggle with that stupid revolving back. I got rid of that camera after about a month. Invariably I could never make up my mind whether to go portrait or landscape, so I'd shoot both ways, and end up not printing either negative. To hech with all that. Now I shoot a square negative and deal with it later. Usually I just use a mask I cut out of offset printer's masking sheet material to use on my 8x10 easel and print the picture square. Besides a 500c is as compact a medium format camera as it comes. Who wants to drag an anvil around? Not me.
Obviously, you've never picked up the lightest and fastest-handling 6x6, the Mamiya 6. Its lenses are as good as, if not better than the Hasselblad. I know--I have both. Just for example: the Mamiya 75 and Hasselblad 80 have comparable sharpness, but the Mamiya 75 has no distortion.