I'm reducing my collection so these are sold as is with no returns. USA sales only. Payment by PayPal and shipped only to the PayPal address. Shipping is by USPS Priority mail. Email with questions.

Kodak Retina II with 47mm f/2.0 Ektar lens. The camera is in useable but rough condition, it is missing the covering on the front sides and on the angles of the lens cover. The shutter works at all speeds even the slow ones. The coated lens glass is quite clear but does have a bit of fogging consistent with a lens of this age. There are a few minor marks on the glass. The rangefinder/viewfinder does have some fogging. The rangefinder is aligned and useable even in daylight. The closing mechanism is a little rough in closing. I do not see any pinholes in the bellows. The camera is useable as is but should have a CLA on the shutter. The lens is the legendary Ektar 47mm and this sample is quite sharp. I made the landscape photo this past week testing the bellows light-tite-ness, the scan doesn't do justice of the negative. Sold as is $75.00