The water marks don't really show up on the photos I posted. I know that isn't water markings because it appears etched onto the negative itself and won't come off with another rinse. You guys keep mentioning Photo-Flo, but I mentioned using Ilfotol...this'll work too? I use a tablespoon of it in a final rinse of 300ml. The past 4 X have been with tap water (which in the Canadian winter will be hard water), but next time will be with distilled water at 20C.

The film sponge and alcohol are good ideas. I will definitely look into them. Would this work? I'm going to shoot another HP5 and process this weekend and will try the distilled water thing in the meantime.

It probably was due in part to huge temp swings. My home is generally at 21C. Initial rinse was at about 20C. Subsequent re-rinses were generally I'm guessing above 35C, but I'd often run water over the negative right after turning on the water before it warmed up. So it could've been exposed to a temp change between 10C and 40C, then brought back down to 21C at room temperature. I know now to make sure if I do re-rinse, to test the temp beforehand.

It seems like the 1st and 3rd images would be indication of temperature swings, the middle one more of getting stuck to the PrintFile, no?

This whole B&W processing has definitely been a wacky learning experience...just another thing to learn from I suppose. I was recommended today in lieu of these issues that I probably should continue to send anything very important to the lab until I've processed about 10 rolls and the initial learning phase should be over. I think that's good advice to go on. At least not all is lost from that day, half of it was shot on a remaining roll of FP4 and that turned out fine (minus occasional water marks).