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This is an open forum for learning, isn't it? Only fifteen photos were shared in the apug gallery today. There are only two willing to be critiqued.
I have what may be a totally naive question: Is "willing to be critiqued" really the criterion generally understood? I've always been afraid to post in the critique gallery, not because I'm *unwilling* to be critiqued, but because I'm afraid I'd leave people saying "Why does this idiot think I want to waste my time on critiquing his Printing 101 rejects?"

Most of this is subjective. Also, what is perceived as ordinary today may evolve into something extraordinary. Wasn't there harsh opposition to impressionist paintings at first?
I guess that's fair, but lith is one of those techniques where you can kinda see how the technique becomes an end in itself. It's like IR; there are a lot of IR photos where it seems pretty safe to say that there's nothing interesting about them except the fact that they were shot in IR. There's nothing *wrong* with that necessarily, but it's kind of superficial by itself. I get where Eric is coming from, I think.