You guys keep mentioning Photo-Flo, but I mentioned using Ilfotol...this'll work too?

Ilfotol is functionally the same as Photo-flo - go ahead and use it.

I use a tablespoon of it in a final rinse of 300ml.

Here we have a problem.

A tablespoon is about 15ml (depending on whether you are using a British, US or Australian tablespoon). According to the instructions, Ilfotol is designed to be mixed one part Ilfotol concentrate to 200 parts water.

So if you are making up 300 ml of working solution, you should be using 1.5 ml of Ilfotol concentrate - i.e. you are using ten times too much concentrate!

The film sponge and alcohol are good ideas. I will definitely look into them. Would this work?

I'm not very fond of film squeegees - it is so easy to scratch the film.
I would suggest you try adjusting the Ilfotol before resorting to a squeegee.

And do your best to keep the humidity reasonably high where you dry your film - slower is better.

Have you carefully reviewed Ilford's instructions on this?

Have fun - hope this helps.