I'm not sure where you got your instructions from for the Ilfotol.

The instructions on their website say:

Mixing instructions and use
As a final rinse for film we recommend starting with a solution of 5ml of ILFOTOL for each litre of rinse water (1+ 200). The dilution of ILFOTOL needed is dependant on a number of factors and may need some adjustment to get optimum performance for a particular set of circumstances. Performance may vary due the local water quality, the type of processor in use, drying method, etc..
We recommend that ILFOTOL is measured and dispensed accurately as either too little or too much wetting agent can lead to uneven drying. Use a graduated pipette or eyedropper if very small quantities are needed. NB the ILFORD 1 litre bottle cap will hold approximately 20ml of ILFOTOL brim full, at 1+200 this is enough wetting agent for 4 litres of water.

As for the fan in the bathroom, are you doing additional darkroom work while you wait for the film to dry? I usually end up developing film in the evening, and therefore can allow my film to dry over-night in the shower area (with curtain closed).