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FX-37 is one of my favorite developers for TMY in LF. I expose TMY at Iso 500 and get well defined shadow details. I mix it 1+5
I have no experience with FX-39
FX-37 is not a fine grain developer, i have used it for 35mm TMY but that is not a good choice. For LF where grain is not an issue it is hard to beat the increased speed you can get from this developer.
Mixed it also last a long time, i have had a bottle semi full but filled with Argon for about a year and it is still working fine.
My findings pretty much mirror the results above only I was using 120 film (Acros and Tmy2). The speed increase for me was very small, but was there. I also tried it with some well outdated 35mm HP5+ and it did much better than I expected. It seems to be a little like Xtol in that it is a "clean" working developer. At least it seemed that way for me. My batch is gone, but I will be mixing more to try with some 120 Arista EDU 100 (aka Foma). I'm really curious to see how it works with this older style film. JohnW