I have two 25 sheet packs of 8x10 HP5 PLus 400 film that expired in 2006.
With the film I got two 8x10 cameras with lenses and maybe thirty film holders.
I have a nice darkroom so I'm ready to go and looking forward to my first 8x10 contact print.

Since I'm new to 8x10 I'm planning on shooting this expired film to get some experience before I buy new stock.

With the film I also got three 8x10 tanks for hangers, but no hangers.

I have six or seven unopened bottles of of HC110, five or six boxes of Ilford Microphen, a larger stock of Xtol,
a couple boxes of Perceptol and a bottle of Adox Adonal on hand.

If I decide to buy hangers and use the tanks Adonal or HC110 would be good choices given
the volume of chemistry it would take to fill the tanks and the amount of chemistry I happen to have on hand.

If I decide to develop in trays then my choices of developer is wider.

So, what would you do ?

So, if anyone could give me their opinion as to which developer I might want to start with for my expired film
I would appreciate it greatly. Any other thoughts and advice would be greatly appreciated as well.