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Believe me , an Zeiss Ikon with Tessar lens will cost you max 300 dollars and faraway better camera. Fuji is only camera porn and results are not good as always with Japanese lenses.

If you have time check internet galleries for either cameras. If you have a good eye and taste , you will agree with me.

Photography is like music , if you start to listen cheap stuff , you continue with pop music , if you ask yourself why Beethoven is so good and start to listen from Karajan and others , you dont listen cheap stuff again and good taste spreades to gamelan , drupat ,flamenco , tango , bossa nova , fusion , free jazz , jazz rock and others.

But it is important the equipment again , you cant hear Stradivari with digital anything. You have to buy good electronics and analog always win.
I dont shoot 135, only 120. Fuji lenses are top notch. I have 24 x 36 prints made from my GSW690 and they are fantastic.

If a GF670 really cost $2200, I'd pay it. But it doesnt in the US so one day when I get there, I will have to buy it then. $600 buys a lot of film.