Steve, I had a nasty collision with Mr. Lustig some years ago. Short form, I sent him a Speed that needed some work and a lens that I wanted the RF calibrated for. Not long after Fred called me with the news that the work was done and that he'd be away for three months. The bill would be in the box. Someone in Reno tossed my gear and the gear in a box, slapped a small address label on the box, didn't remove the large label from me to Reno from the box, and dropped it on Fed Ex Ground. I watched my parcel's progress. It got as far as southern NJ, then went back to Reno. I screamed, Fed Ex tried again to deliver it to me. When it arrived I found that the camera and lens had beat each other up in transit. Lens board destroyed, lens damaged, ... Valuable lens, of course.

I called Reno and screamed into the answering machine. A person who represented himself as Fred's son called back, told me that Fred was off doing something for the CIA that he couldn't talk and that I'd have to deal with Fed Ex myself. Fred would not be back before the Fed Ex "open a claim" window closed. So I dealt with Fed Ex. Getting them to pay for damages, including repairing the lens, took over a year. Oh, yes, I withheld payment to Fred. It was nice of him to trust me to pay, not nice of him to pack my gear so badly.

Turns out that while he was off being mysterious Fred had had aa stroke. He eventually came back, called me about payment. I explained, no payment until I was made whole. Some time later he called, demanded payment, blamed everything on Fed Ex. I asked how much, he gave a figure, I paid. And then the SOB called me and berated me because the amount he'd quoted on excluded his cost of shipping to me.

Oh and by the way, the RF wasn't calibrated for the lens. The links between inner and outer bed rails that he replaced because, he said, they were bent, came back with the camera. They are perfectly flat.

I wouldn't use Fred Lustig for anything.