For those staying three nights, I thought it might be a great idea to book the SHARD VIEWING PLATFORM on the Sunday night. The perfect way to end the weekend


On the Sunday night the sun sets at 20.15hrs, so if we booked tickets for say, 19.00hrs, we can watch the sun go down over London, and then have a few drinks in the Bar afterwards. What do you think? Yes, it's expensive (25), but it's not something you will do every day.

Updated Attendance list

It is my pleasure to add Martin Aislabie to the list of attendee's. Martin has booked in to the hotel for three nights. Also, Mike Heller and his sister, who lives locally, hope to join us, and will travel in from Balham on a daily basis. It is also a great pleasure to welcome Delphine Lopez along. Delphine lives locally and also has a great knowledge of the area, which can only add to making this weekend all the more pleasurable. There is also some interest from Grumpyshutter, who would be travelling down to join us from Northumberland, and dazey, who lives locally. lets hope that I will be adding them to the list of definites very soon

Attending so far are

Stoo Batchelor
Jon Butler
Neil Souch
Barry Wilkinson
Martin Aislabie

Possibly Maybe’s

Bill Spears
Mark Burley
Leo Stehlik

Traveling in for the day(s)

Paul Enters
Alan Jones
Mike Heller and his sister
Delphine Lopez