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First, even a proper CLA won't necessary make all speeds exact. I've seen, multiple times, test results after CLAs where tested speed might be off by as much as 30-50% on the slow end. And I'm talking about test results provided by good repair techs. I assume that the mechanics of making one speed correct might alter a different speed. And I assume it also depends on both the initial build quality and the subsequent wear on the shutter.

So being a 1/3 stop off at 1s isn't has much a concern (at least if it was my lens) as a 1/2 stop off at 1/60.

I'm no expert, but it does seem a CLA is in order. But, out of curiosity, did you discover the discrepancy on film or just with your tester?
While I agree with EvH immensely that many (most?) CLA does not include rigourous "A" I feel obligated to mention that 30% error is for some professional shutters within the original specification.

It seems to me that most shutter overhauls clean and lubricate with the assumption (good in most cases... in my experience) that those two activities will restore the original capability and specs.

For me a half-stop is still relatively insignificant and the most useless tool I -- personally speaking -- could ever buy is a shutter tester that might evoke my currently-repressed shutter-speed neurotic tendencies/anxieties.