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I purchased an Argus 75 on line....looks very clean and in excellent shape and it came with a roll of exposed film still inside the camera. The film is Kodak Verichrome Pan 620.
(I've attached a pix.) So I found an article and the author developed it at 64F for 8 minutes in HC-110 developer (here's the link http://silverbased.org/dev-old-vp/) My house is about 67-68F this time of year. I don't have HC-110 developer, I have t-max, Ilford Ilfosol-3 and D-76 powder. Which one of these would be the best to use or should I get some HC-110? Since my house is slightly warmer should I cut the time to 7 1/2 min? Has anyone processed such film? I'm very curious to see what's on the film...and heck...I have to process it ...I want the spool to respool some 120 onto so I can try the camera out myself. I am impressed with how clear the viewfinder is, especially compared with the graflex.
Thanks in advance.
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I would suggest 11 minutes in D76 at 68F/20C 1:1.