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There seem to be big differences in CLA's.

The repairers I use send back shutters with accurate speeds whereas some (reputable) US repairers send shutters back with comparison charts - actual shutter speed as opposed to marked speed, I'm talking about way outside the +/- 30%, the price is quite a lot lower though in the US for that CLA.

the UK CLA's I' had are more ln the region of +/- 10% which is acceptable.

This has been my experience and why I asked the question. I sent a lens and shutter to a very reputable service person who returned it in a month with a piece of paper noting the same times I was fussing over. No adjustment had been made so I bought the Calmuet tool and compensate at exposure. I was wondering if I was wrong in expecting "Adjustment" to mean adjust the shutter to the correct time? I guess I was.