For sale is Black Sonnar 150mm f/4.0 C T* for Hasselblad cameras.

The lens went for CLA 1.5 yrs ago and works very well. Glass is clean with no any kind of marks. Few dusts spots might be found inside, but nothing extraordinary. Cosmetically - I would rate the exterior as Good+. Mechanically the lens is great, except for some tiny bit of play in the focusing barrel. It's really minimal - barely detectable in my opinion. Focus is quite smooth and is really a pleasure to use.

As a bonus, I'm including original Hasselbad YG2 filter in Bay 50, third party Bay 50 -> 58mm adapter and a non original rubber lens hood. All in good condition. Front and back lens caps are included of course.

Price: 289 EUR

The item is located in Krakow, Poland. I ship pretty much anywhere in the world, just ask me for actual shipping costs. Typically this is between 20-30 EUR.

And here are some pictures I took with this lens: