I've recently tried my hand at processing C-41 at home. Using the Rollei Digibase C41 kit, I've had some minor success. The problem is that the negatives (Portra) have water marks down the length of the film. Here is the process I'm using:

1. Pre-wash 1:00 (Recommended by the Digibase kit)
2. Developer 3:15
3. Wash 2:00
4. Bleach 4:30
5. Wash 2:00
6. Fix 6:30
7. Wash 2:00
8. Stabilizer 1:00

One mistake I may have made is I didn't use Distilled water for the Stabilizer. One roll I used my fingers as a squeegee before hanging and the next I didn't. Same result. Here's an example:

Any advice on preventing drying marks would be appreciated. In the meantime, is it feasible to simply re-wash the negatives in distilled water and re-dry?