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Maybe there was once "plastic" and now there is "plastic" but it's different plastic Seriously the modern transparent and genuine neg files like "Clearfile" are fine but yes never put wet negs in such files. It is always worthwhile to run the insides of your fingers up and down the roll after drying. If there is any wetness your skin will detect it. The film should feel as smooth as the baby's proverbial before inserting it into a neg file

As far as measuring is concerned switch to metric instantly and no more confusion. I bet your fellow Canadians in Quebec are metric as sensibly all our European neighbours are and we in the U.K. are getting there rapidly

Vive Napoleon!

Huh? I am using metric. Last page I was referencing 1L of water + 5mL (aka a teaspoon) of Ilfotol. Metric is very commonplace in Anglo Canada as well. I was referencing temperatures in Celsius. I think the only thing we outright still use imperial for is human height and weight, though this is changing.

Henry - I could see there being issue if there is water damage and it gets to stored negs. But that's as likely as fire or tornado or extreme heat. This is why I make a point of scanning all my negatives. That way I'm covered from both ends - the natural and technological threats that my photos are exposed to. If there is a fire, I still have photos on an off-site hard drive. If my hard drive crashes, I'll still have the negatives.

In other news, tonight I'll develop my roll of HP5+ from today, let it dry overnight. Should be fine. I'll be using distilled water and the proper concentrate of Ilfotol this time. It should be dry by tomorrow morning, but I will inspect closely and if I need to rewash blobs, I'll make sure to check the water temp first. Thanks for all your help.