I'm reducing my collection so these are sold as is with no returns. USA sales only. Payment by PayPal and shipped only to the PayPal address. Shipping is extra. I generally use USPS Priority mail, seems to be the best deal on shipping. PM/Email with questions.

I'm offering my Olympus RC for sale because I use it only 2-3 times a year. The camera is in overall very good mechanical condition. The shutter works at all speeds. The lens is clear, with no scratches, fungus or defects. The focus is very smooth and quick. The rangefinder is spot on and bright. The wind is working as it should. The X flash sync works at both the hotshoe and PC connection. Cosmetically the camera would be good to fair because it has been dropped/banged on the top corner by the wind lever. I was able to straighten it a little so that there is no rubbing on the wind lever. Also the self-timer lever has some scratch marks. The satin chrome finish has rub marks on the base plate and top cover consistent with a camera of this age. I've been using the camera with a hearing aid battery and the exposures seem to be better if I set the ISO to a lower number ( E.I. 64 ISO for 100 speed film) The photo of my truck was made this morning. Comes with a loose fitting original lens cap. Sold as is. USA only. $50.00