So I have this roll of Efke 25 that I accidentally exposed at 100 instead of the usual 50 (this was in daylight, where it becomes effectively an ASA 50 film). That's not much of a push, but I am unable to find any suggested dev times for it, except in a few developers I don't have (mostly Rodinal).

My usual time at 50 would be 9 minutes in HC-110 dilution B. Common rules of thumb for pushing suggest that I should expect something like 12 to 13 minutes for another stop. However, this isn't always the most typical film, and I'd like to know if anyone has any tested times or general suggestions.

I've got HC-110, PC-TEA, and Diafine on hand (PC-TEA times are generally the same as Xtol 1+2), but I don't see that the Diafine is likely to be any help, and I'm not really inclined to go out and buy another developer just for this one roll, so I guess I'm looking for times in HC-110 or Xtol. Any general insights into the behavior of this film under mild pushing would help too.

Anyone have any thoughts?