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I've been inside a Mir shutter, and as far as I was able to tell, it seemed like any borking from setting the shutter speeds in the wrong order could be deborked by realigning the shutter speeds so they read correctly. I wouldn't bet the life of your camera on that or anything, but if the speeds are now reading correctly and the shutter isn't showing any obvious misbehavior, I think you can consider it borkless unless proven otherwise.
Whew. That's good to hear.
I bought the MIR because I heard the models with slow shutter speeds aren't as reliable as the others. I guess my decision was a good one, I got lucky, or both. Whew.

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Based on your description, I'm having trouble finding appropriately strong language to use about that second guy. Seriously, he had a customer's equipment in hand and was ignoring that customer's "do it this way or it will break" instructions? That's just mind-bogglingly unprofessional, and plain stupid as well---what if it had been some high-ticket rarity and he broke it for you? Ugh.
Seriously! What the hell was he thinking? I'm still pissed. What sucks is I still don't know how accurate the shutter is. Ug.

What's worse: I like the other guys at the shop, and I (still) want to get my GF's OM-1n fixed there. I've seen them polish some turds, man.

I'm probably going to send an email, call them, go visit and explain my problem to the owner. There's no other place to get things CLAed in this town.