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I liked Panatomic X quite a bit and generally developed it in Edwal Super 20 which worked wonderfully with it. I have a couple bulk rolls from the 80s which were kept frozen from new, but regret to say that no matter what I process it in, it is substantially grainier than my old negatives. I have not had any issues with fog or reduced speed and the tonality is very close to that of the old negatives, but the grain is much more pronounced on even semi-close examination of a16X20 print from a 35mm neg. This differs from what others are reporting but is my experience.
Interesting. Do you know why you FX is now grainier? AFAIK, Super 20 iis no longer made, maybe that's the difference? Perhaps souping it in Perceptol will do the trick, or perhaps one of the fine grain clones from Formulary?