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I've been shooting "Ultrafine Plus", which seems to be rebranded Shanghai GP3, I get the same problems with numbers, spots and dots. (http://photofying.wordpress.com/2013...ultrafine-plus) I've had 40% of the rolls I've shot already show these problems.

I don't understand quite how you avoided the problem. Did you sponge the film before development? Or did you manage to clean it already in the development tank?

(I have another couple of boxes of this film and would love to be able to shoot it with consistent results.)
I developed the film as usual. Actually, just thinking about it, I let it stand the ilford rapid fixer 1:4 for about 5 minutes without agitation, plus a few more minutes with intermittent agutation afterwards. The I washed it via filling it with water, inverting it a few times, and pouring it out. The water had tiny bits of gunk suspended in it, giving a creamy appearance. I then gave it a quick wipe down with a wet sponge right after getting it out of the tank, which got off the muck. That roll had no spots or numbers.