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I'm confused about your B&W comments, since Diafine seems to have a wide following and appears to work for many films. What am I missing?
Nothing to be confused by. They just don't work very well with modern films. Negatives tend to be thin. Although it's been a couple of decades or more since I used Diafine, I've mixed my own two baths for the same period of time. I've used other people's formulas and made up my own.

Some people have had decent results by overriding the whole intention of divided development. I.e., keep the film in the first bath longer. The pH is not neutral or low, the sodium sulfite does cause development. If you use a longer A bath, you are right back to time and temperature controls. I've acidified the A bath so no development would take place, used sodium carbonate in the B bath, and IIRC, got very thin negatives. Diafine and all others do develop in the A bath.

Also, I never found the grain to be fine, and it theoretically wouldn't be given the chemistry.