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How does the FM measure 1/5 stop? How does that work with the 3 LEDs? I have a FM2n and a FE and I would have thought the FE was easier to meter small deviations.
Well it's explained on page 22 of the instruction manual. The chart said.

1. When the + led only lit then over exposure by more than 1 stop.
2. When the + and 0 leds are both lit then it's over exposure from 1/5 to 1 stop.
3. When only the 0 led is lit then the exposure is within +/- 1/5 stop
4. When the - and 0 led are lit then it's underexposure by 1/5 to 1 stop
5 When only the - led is lit then underexposure by more than 1 stop.

That's how. It's resolve to 1/5 stop but only at the 0 point. So one can't say the FE is more accurate, It's more convienient with the FE I agree.