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Would this all auto camera be to limiting? Would a MF camera with pola back be a better choice?
Any suggestions very welcome.
Yes, yes and no.

An MF camera isn't going to cut it because it's not going to fully utilize the 3x4 area.

The best is to shoot with something like a Mamiya Press/Universal, Polaroid 600SE, Graflex XL, etc that takes 3x4 Polaroid backs. Or a 4x5 camera (e.g., Graflex Crown/Speed Graphic) with a 405 back.

But also, 250 is fun, too. So I'd suggest just shoot with whatever you have and enjoy it.

I currently shoot 3x4 size Polaroid and Fuji film with my Polaroid 180, 4x5 cam with 405 back, and a 2x3 Crown Graphic with a DIY 3x4 Polaroid back. All fun :-)